9 – 11 luglio 2019, Tel Aviv (Israel)
Hilton Tel Aviv

Congress Description

Women’s Health still has many unmet clinical needs; some of them are “unacceptable” or “unmentionable”. New technologies are being developed rapidly and are shaping the future of Women’s Health. As we envision and analyze the future of Women’s Health, we should address ways to predict, prevent, diagnose, treat and follow up by utilizing next generation technologies, with the goal of improving women’s health worldwide. 

Congress Objective

During the Congress we will discuss the unmet needs of Women’s Health with physicians, other healthcare providers, technology experts and companies involved in developing those future technologies. The Congress will explore fuel, spark and discuss the latest development of innovations and inventions that will shape Women’s Health. Topics will be discussed in several tracks:

• Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM)/Offspring Health)
• Reproductive Medicine
• Gynecological Oncology
• Menopause
• Genetics and Epigenetics
• Non Communicable Diseases (NCD)
• Obesity
• Environment, Lifestyle and Nutrition as Predisposition to Women’s Health
• “The Unaccpetable and Unmentionable” in Women’s Health
• Heath IT, Digital Health, Big Data and AI
At the congress we will discuss innovations and inventions that will facilitate local and global interaction between physicians, entrepreneurs, academia and industry and building bridges leading to innovation and expose participants to thought leaders and experts.




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